Monday, November 23, 2009

700 Dollars and an Obsession with films and books

So surfing around tonight on the inter-web I stumbled across a pic on Dwell's website of a cut-out book. The kind of book you would find a nice revolver or some secret micro film images of a congressman doing things they ought not to with a secretary or  congressional page. But low and behold its a book that holds ten smaller books all documenting a movie that Stanley Kubrick never made. I am already saving my nickels and dimes. You might want to as well.

"For Kubrick fanatics this is probably one of the most interesting books (actually ten books tucked into a carved out tome) ever conceived. Of course, I would rather have the actual film, but this meticulously crafted collection shows the remarkable depths to which Kubrick explored the material he would then synthesize into a two to three hour movie experience. It’s not often that you can just be bowled over by someone’s mind, but that is how I feel about Kubrick—here it is on display."

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