Monday, November 23, 2009

700 Dollars and an Obsession with films and books

So surfing around tonight on the inter-web I stumbled across a pic on Dwell's website of a cut-out book. The kind of book you would find a nice revolver or some secret micro film images of a congressman doing things they ought not to with a secretary or  congressional page. But low and behold its a book that holds ten smaller books all documenting a movie that Stanley Kubrick never made. I am already saving my nickels and dimes. You might want to as well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Any Given Sunday? Beer and Fries!

Not much of a post here, but a friend of mine just posted this little gem of a cartoon/movie on his Facebook page and it got me laughing. However, after the laughs it got me thinking about the real possibility of Cyclocross racing becoming the new Fixed Gear riding. It involves so many of the same things, tattoos, beer, beards, cycling caps, trick bikes, and being dirty. (ok, so maybe those were cheap shots) In all seriousness Cyclocross is an amazing and tough as nails sport that I for one would be glad to go see on any given Sunday. For some seriously insane cross photos go here. PDXCROSS

Sunday, November 15, 2009

MOvember Update and Plea for Help

So far MOvember is going pretty well. I finally broke the hundred dollar mark and got my ticket to a MO party at the Avalon. Most important though is we are raising money for cancer research. On that note if you would like to donate to my cause (and my wife's putting up with me and my mustache) you can click this link to my MOspace.

Thanks in advance.


Buy These Books

Ok, so some totally obvious endorsement from me here. In the spirit of transparency I purchased my copies of these books and am in no way getting free schwag (Yet, Hint Hint).

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Movember People

Time to Man Up and start your Mustache growing asap. November 1st (or 2nd in my case) is the day to become clean shaven and sign up at to grow a mustache for prostate and testicular cancer research. Get out there and do it people. Grow your MO!