Monday, October 19, 2009

Old is the New "New"

I am finally getting around to one of my favorite UK brands,Old Town Clothing. With the massive resurgence of vintage inspired American Workwear brands making their way into our closets, I suggest taking a look at the amazing offerings from Old Town. They are taking the British Workwear clothing to the next level with amazing pieces made with great fabrics in their Norfolk studio. (photos courtesy Old Town)

A few pics from my day and my collection. I apologize in advance for overuse of my son Tyler as subject matter.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mr. Winter

So today I ran into none other than Mr. Winter. If you are not in the know check out atimetoget and look up the hometown heroes section of ATG's blog. Anyway, out this morning with my son Tyler at our local Starbucks (the only Starbucks I truly like) and Mr. Winter noticed my hickory striped jeans from Stronghold. This sparked a quick introduction and a brief conversation about his latest endeavors which I can only say sound awesome. It is truly nice to meet people like Mr. Winter in La La Land. I can't wait to hang out and talk shop some more.